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Tattoo Designs, Sketches & SFX Make-Up by Pawnz

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If you would like any of these sketches or pictures as prints or gift items please visit our Gifts Page.

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Price Reduction!!

A Sketch for personal use is $8.99. The Tattoo Artist (of your choice) may only use the graphic on you, unless they purchase reproduction rights from Tuxxedo Studios and Pawnz.

If you are a Tattoo Artist and would like to add these designs to your gallery, you may order them at $40.00 each. This will give you unlimited reproduction rights as Tattoos only, these rights will apply to your gallery only, and full credit must be given to Pawnz for the original artwork. We will email you a copy of the sketch in high resolution upon order.

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Tattoo Designs, Sketches & SFX Make-Up by Pawnz

Pawnz is currently unavailable for bookings, but if you would like to use any of these designs for a Personal Tattoo we can email you a copy of the Sketch in high resolution.

Click on a Thumbnail to view the larger version, you can arrow through from one picture to the next instead of going back and forth to the Thumbnails.

Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Art: Dragon

Dragon in color, Sketch listed as "Pride" below.

Tattoo Sketch: Ant  Tattoo Sketch: Butterfly  Tattoo Sketch: Mosquito  Tattoo Sketch: Spider  Tattoo Sketch: Rabbit  Tattoo Sketch: Acid Rain
      Ant          Butterfly   Mosquito     Spider         Rabbit     Acid Rain
  S1              S2             S3             S4               S5              S6

Tattoo Sketch: Flower Power  Tattoo Sketch: Pride  Tattoo Sketch: Deathworm  Tattoo Sketch: Tye  Tattoo Sketch: Rabbit  Tattoo Sketch: Lotus Looks Back
    Flower Power  Pride  Death Worm       Tye           Lyla   Lotus Looks Back
   S7            S8           S9               S10           S11              S12

Tattoo Sketch: Bear  Tattoo Sketch: Horses Head  Tattoo Sketch: Elephant  Tattoo Sketch: Pandas  Tattoo Sketch: Horse  Tattoo Sketch: Butterfly Face
        Bear       HorseHead    Elephant         Pandas          Horse   ButterflyFace
S13            S14              S15                S16              S17              S18

Tattoo Art: Pandas

Pandas in Black and White, Sketch listed as "Pandas" above.

Pawnz has given us some new pics from "The Beginning" as you can see she started off as a (Theatrical) Make-Up Artist. These photographs have NOT been digitally enhanced. They were all created by Pawnz using Special Effects with Theatrical Make-Up only. Again, click on a Thumbnail to view larger version.

SFX The Look - Natural       SFX The Look - Catwalk       SFX The Look - New Age
  Natural                     Catwalk                     New Age
  T1                            T2                             T3

SFX The Look - Metropolis     SFX The Look - Commercial     SFX My Coffee!!
  Metropolis             Commercial             My Coffee
  T4                          T5                           T6

SFX Catz     SFX Fauste     SFX As Years Go By
        Catz                       Fauste             As Years Go By
 T7                       T8 & T9                      T10

All of the above photographs and sketches are available as prints or gift items. Please visit our Gifts Page for ordering information.

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