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Our Fantasy Art Gallery.

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Our Wildlife Photography Gallery.

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Our Tattoo Studio.

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This cube is your link to our Fantasy Art Gallery of Beautiful, Hot Women. It holds the work of Fantasy Artist Tuxx, and has his "G" rated artistic pictures. These are only some of the pictures he has created and we will be adding to it on a regular basis.

The cube is your link to our Photography Gallery. It has the pictures from Wildlife Photographer Phya. She has many beautiful pictures of animals, nature and travels for us. Phya is constantly traveling somewhere, so she will always have many pictures for us to add to her Gallery.

The cube is once again your link, this time for our Tattoo Studio. In it you will find Tattoo Designs, Sketches and SFX Pictures from Tattoo Artist Pawnz. There is more here than just Tattoo Art, we were lucky enough to get some pictures from Pawnz from her "Early Years"!

We are now accepting independant artists and creating sub-domains for them. The first one created is Brandy's Brazil. It features her photography (from Brazil) and information about the country. If you are interested in Brazil please visit Brandy's pages, and if you are interested in showcasing your work with Tuxxedo Studios please visit our Custom Web Design page for more information.


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