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Prints, half page
(4" x 6") $5.99

Prints, full page
(8" x 10") $11.99

Prints, small poster
(12" x 24") $38.99


4" x 5", Blank
$3.99 each or
$12.99 pack of 4

4" x 5" with Personalized Message
$4.49 each or
$14.99 pack of 4


8" x 10" Single Page
Choice of Year $5.99
Personalized $6.99
Your own Photo $7.99
Your own Photo, personalized $8.99

8" x 10" Monthly 12 Page
Choice of Starting Month and Year $29.99
Personalized $30.99
Your own Photos (12) $41.99
Your own Photos (12), personalized $42.99

Coloring/Sketch Books

Choice of Gallery
and Vol.Nbr $9.99 each Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for, goods and services provided by, Tuxxedo Studios
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Prints, Cards, Calendars & Colouring/Sketch Books

Tuxxedo's Unique Gift Items - Prints, Cards, Calendars and Sketch Books

Tuxxedo's Unique Gift Items - Wildlife Photography Prints, example
Our prints come in 3 sizes, half page (4" x 6"), full page (8" x 10") or small poster size (12" x 24"). You can choose from any picture, from any of our Galleries. The example here is from someone who ordered 5 different 8" x 10" pictures from the Wildlife Photography Gallery. She had found the perfect frame and wanted the perfect pictures to display (the example is a low resolution picture of the framed photographs, but the actual pictures are in high resolution, printed on high quality glossy photo paper as are all of our prints).

Tuxxedo's Unique Gift Items - Printed Cards example
All of our cards are printed in high resolution, on high-quality card stock. The picture of your choice on the outside and blank on the inside. For a tiny fee of 50 cents (per card) we will print a personal message on the card (up to 5 lines), inside and/or outside.

Calendar example, picture of Elephants by River
All of our calendars are printed in high resolution, on high-quality glossy photo paper. They come in a choice of single-page yearly calendar (with a choice of year) or a 12-page monthly calendar (with a choice of the starting month and year). For an extra $1.00 you can personalize your calendar for yourself or as a gift.

Sketch Book example, picture of Samuri Gal

Coloring/Sketch Books 10 Individual Sketches printed on 8" x 10" sheets of Card Stock, suitable for coloring and/or framing! You choose which Gallery and Volume number from Fantasy Art, Wildlife, Fantasy Art for Grown-Ups or Tattoo Designs. 10 Random pictures from each gallery in each volume, NO duplications.

ALL of our items are also available with your personal photo. Email us your picture, and for only an extra $2.00 we will prepare it and print it on ANY item you order.

More and bigger examples of all our items coming soon.

Tuxxedo's Unique Gift Items - Novelties - Clocks and Coasters, Magnets and Tiles Announcement Cards created by Tuxxedo Studios for various events.

**Pictures posted on the site are in low resolution, all orders are printed in high resolution.

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