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Help Phya get to New Zealand


Hi Everybody!!

I guess by now you have all heard my story, I need to get to New Zealand and I need help doing it!!
Tuxxedo Studios has graciously agreed to help me out in anyway they can....not only are they going to give me 100% of the sales involving my pictures but they have even given me these extra pages to make my plea!
I love them!! And I love you guys too!! All of you who have sent me emails and messages saying you love my photographs these last couple of years have made me feel like a million bucks...and now I need it :)
well, not a million but $2500

Silly me, if I didn't spend my summers studying the whales I might have made enough money to go to New Zealand and make my presentation to try and save the whales :)
A bit of irony there right? So now I need your help, buy anything from Tuxxedo Studios with one of my pictures on it and I get 100% of the sales. And for those of you who want to help but really don't want to buy anything I am selling JPGs of my pictures for $1.99, no shipping, no handling, just a $1.99 to help me out!!
On top of that I will keep track of each and every one of you and send you a "Thank you Ecard" from New Zealand in the fall.

love and kisses,
Phya xxx
Help our Wildlife Photographer get to New Zealand

Help Phya Now

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